Implementing user identity verification with the mObywatel

Thanks to IDENTT you can integrate your system with mObywatel e-wallet:  a fully-fledged user verification method replacing traditional identity confirmation documents.

Screen displaying the mObywatel app with IDENTT integration, showcasing a seamless and secure digital identity verification process

Benefits of integrating your system
in cooperation with IDENTT

Additional Verification Method

Multiple identification processes (physical documents, electronic layer, mObywatel) provided in one solution.

Full Support

Efficient implementation and maintenance of the integration with the mObywatel system by an experienced team.

Enhanced Security

Additional functionalities enhancing the security of the entire process, including biometrics.

System Integration

Customer-provided data can be registered in the administrative system and used by the institution in customer service.

IDENTT: a trusted integration partner

Identt, as the first in the Polish market, has received full access to the mObywatel production environment through collaboration with the Ministry of Digitization.

Man scanning a QR code with his smartphone, facilitating a seamless digital interaction or transaction

Integration Process

Integrating with the mObywatel app involves providing a dedicated web or mobile application that will be incorporated into the customer identification process in a given institution. Identt manages the entire process, including communication with the mObywatel system, QR code generation, data retrieval, and transmission to the institution.

The security measures while
online identity verification

Comparison with the Personal ID Register

As part of identity verification, we recommend comparing the image of the customer undergoing the process with the photo obtained from the Personal ID Register.


Strengthening the identity verification process can involve checking the vitality of the person through a liveness module (performing specific gestures and an automatic assessment of image correctness).

User verification process

The user verification process using the mObywatel app in an integrated environment comprises several steps to ensure secure and efficient identity verification.

1. Choosing the Identification Path

After selecting the customer identification path in the institution’s web or mobile application, the user is prompted to verify their identity using the mObywatel app. A relevant QR code and instructions appear on the screen.

2. Logging into the mObywatel App

The user, who has already installed the mObywatel app on their device, logs in. They then select the QR code scanning feature displayed on the institution’s screen.

3. Scanning the QR Code

The user uses their smartphone camera or webcam to scan the QR code displayed by the institution, initiating the identification process.

4. Confirming Data Transfer

After scanning the QR code, the user is prompted to confirm the data transfer to the institution for further verification. These data are transmitted securely and encrypted.

5. Liveness Verification

To enhance the process’s security, the user is asked to perform specific gestures or movements, such as turning their head to the left. These recordings are later analyzed by an automatic system to ensure that the person is genuine and not using a photo or screen recording.

6. Data Analysis and Processing

After completing the identification process, the data is transmitted to the mObywatel back office system. Here, it undergoes analysis and is then made available to the institution through relevant communication interfaces. The system meticulously checks whether the data provided by mObywatel aligns with the person’s image and other data from the mObywatel system.

Ready to take your identity verification
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IDENTT provides a system equipped with algorithms supporting the identity verification process wherever identity confirmation is necessary in the customer service process.

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