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We are aware of the growing expectations of citizens and companies towards the functioning of public sector entities. The dynamic development of the environment requires integrated, safe and efficient access to public services. The solutions we introduce make it possible to meet these expectations. Thanks to the use of technology, we are changing public services into more efficient, personalised and, above all, more accessible to citizens.


Support in the development of public e-services

We’re your dedicated partner in shaping the future of public e-services.

Detection of false and stolen identities

Our cutting-edge technology swiftly detects fraudulent and stolen identities, fortifying your security measures and maintaining the integrity of your services.

Fraud prevention

Our advanced solutions act as a robust defense against fraudulent activities, safeguarding your business and ensuring its smooth operations.

Streamlining document verification processes

Our streamlined document verification processes simplify and accelerate the essential task of verifying customer identities and documents, making your operations more efficient and secure.



IDENTT Vision connects the user with the Customer. A modular system that can be tailored to measure. At a time when social distancing is crucial, IDENTT Vision allows you to verify your identity “like live.”



Conversation between the Consultant and the Client, during which it is possible to carry out an automatic check of the identity document.



IDENTT Knowledge database contains Thousands of identity documents from over 194 countries. With every document, we provide detailed information and photos documenting the available security features.

Need a custom solution? We're ready for it.

IDENTT offers personalized solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s unique compliance requirements, specialized verifications, or distinct processes, we’re here to create a custom solution that aligns perfectly with your goals.

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IDENTT provides a system equipped with algorithms supporting the identity verification process wherever identity confirmation is necessary in the customer service process.

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