Dedicated solution that allows you to confirm identity using the electronic layer of a document and an NFC reader in a smartphone using a document with an electronic layer using an NFC reader in a smartphone

We provide the possibility of using the Self-verify web application, enabling the verification process to be carried out as part of the browser both on the desktop and mobile device.

Taking photos and recordings by the Customer is supported by appropriate messages, it is possible to use automatic photo capture if the quality conditions are met.

Nesting the application within the website is simple – as part of the integration, it is only necessary to authorize the service backend in the verification system, generate a new verification session and load, for example, as part of the iframe component provided by IDENTT.


The process is carried out in 3 steps, the whole can be done in less than 90 seconds.

1. Enter the number of CAN

Enter the CAN number printed on the front of the document or use the app to scan the bar code on the back of the document.

2. Place the document on the NFC reader

Place the document near the NFC reader on your phone and hold it until the app finishes downloading data.

3. Perform a set of gestures

Record a few head movements as indicated in the app.


Scope of verification:

  • Integrity of the evidence by checking the checksums from the SOD file on the document

  • Authenticity of the proof by checking the digital signature of the SOD file against the CSCA certificate

  • Verification that the proof has not been reserved on the basis of OCSP for the presence certificate

  • Biometric comparison of the image of the person going through the process and the photo recorded on the document
  • Execution of the Chip Authentication protocol (making sure that the communication is carried out by the document)

  • Checking the service life of the person going through the process

  • Data integrity in Data Groups and in the Certificate of Presence

The most important features of the solution:

With IDENTT’s dedicated solution, you can embrace a new era of identity confirmation, simplifying and enhancing the verification process like never before.

Wide availability of the solution

No need to activate the electronic layer

The possibility of implementation inside a given application

We provide an SDK to be placed as part of a given process.

Own implementation of selected cryptographic protocols

No JMRTD or openSC library is used, the use of which may be associated with license violation.

Availible on all devices

Availability for Android and iOS platforms (for iOS also as part of the process in the Safari mobile browser)

Practically perfect reliablity

Practical inability to accept a non-original document, reliable level of confirmation of the Client’s identity

Easy integration with existing Systems

DENTT’s solution effortlessly integrates with your organization’s current systems and processes.

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IDENTT provides a system equipped with algorithms supporting the identity verification process wherever identity confirmation is necessary in the customer service process.

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