Live video identity verification


Conversation between the Consultant and the Client, during which it is possible to carry out an automatic check of the identity document


Key benefits for you

IDENTT Vision is a fast, secure onboarding process without compromising compliance and identity fraud prevention. AI-powered identity verification technology delivers accurate results in near real-time

The most important functionalities

The possibility of establishing a conversation with a consultant by generating a new conversation from the level of the Ordering Party’s website

The possibility of sending an e-mail containing a link to the conversation by the Consultant to the Client


The possibility of conducting an audio and video conversation between the Consultant and the Client


The ability to delete the Consultant’s video recording and leave the Consultant’s audio recording from conversations


Storage of audio and video recordings

The ability to view and search conversations

The ability to view and receive incoming calls by the Consultant

The possibility of going through individual (fixed) steps of the verification process by the Consultant during the interview


IDENTT Video - Consultant Management Panel

The consultant has the option of displaying a list of pending calls – in the “Pending calls” tab – as well as displaying a list of completed calls, visible in the “Call history” tab. From this view, the Consultant also has the ability to create, receive, and delete a session.

IDENTT Video - Consultant view

During a video call, the Consultant can ask the Client several questions and commands – the list of tasks is available in the “Tasks” section, and the hints are in the “Task scheduler” section. In case of technical problems, communication via text chat is possible.


Simple integration


A web application that allows the customer to independently verify their identity in a browser.


SDKs for iOS and Android to ensure a hassle-free deployment.

SaaS / On Premises

Solution architecture tailored to your requirements.


Provides a flexible, simplified way to integrate the application with your system.


Discover how IDENTT is revolutionizing identity verification across a diverse range of industries. From financial services to healthcare, our cutting-edge solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of various sectors.


Enhance banking security and efficiency with IDENTT’s identity verification solutions. Elevate trust in finance.

Finance & Insurance

Onboard more efficiently, faster, safer, and smarter with our KYC verification service designed for the finance and insurance sector


KYC in betting ensures secure, compliant gambling with verified users, promoting responsible gaming and trust. 

Public Sector

Verify identities to enhance security and compliance, fostering trust and responsible governance. 


Identity verification for secure, compliant online shopping, building trust and ensuring responsible business practices. 


Ensure a secure and regulatory-compliant crypto experience, fostering trust and responsible financial practices. 

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IDENTT provides a system equipped with algorithms supporting the identity verification process wherever identity confirmation is necessary in the customer service process.

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